Maa Bagdevi Temple, Kullada : 
At a distance of 6 Kms from Bhanjanagar Bus stand towards Dashpalla, there is a famous old temple of "Maa Bagdevi" at Kullada Village. Though the original temple is at the top of a hill, an idol of "Maa Bagdevi" is worshiped in this beautiful temple at the toe of the hill. The surrounding of the temple is very peaceful and a huge Jagannath temple just at the side of it, is an additional place to watch. The temple has also a well-equipped "Kalyan Mandap" for every kind of social functions and vegetarian receptions.                                                      


Daha Reservior & Maa Bapangi Temple : 
Before entering Bhanjanagar from Bramhapur(Berhampur), one can find an approach road, which leads towards Daha. It is only 14 Kms away from Bhanjanagar to bench Daha Reservior, a beautiful natural sight to visit. After a 6 Km journey from the Reservoir Dam, a small yet beautiful temple of "Maa Bapangi" can be visited, this is placed in a dense forest area. It's lonely, natural and peaceful as well as noise and pollution free atmosphere is perfect for a picnic party. 


Siridi Sai Temple : 
On the midway of Bhanjanagar Bye-pass Road, a huge temple of "Siridi Sai Baba"is built. Which is a "must to visit" place for all the visitors. It is said that, this temple is the biggest temple of Siridi Sai Baba in Eastern India. 
Sri Ram Temple, Landei Sahi : 
On the way to Phulbani, at the side of K.S.U.B. College, Bhanjanagar, a large and beautiful temple of "Lord Sri Ram" is there, which is also a visit place. This temple has also an "Kalyan Mandap" of it's own, for the social functions of local people. 

Beleswar Hill Top : 
At a distance of just 700 mtrs from the S.H. to Phulbani, stands there the famous "Beleswar Hill". The approach Road leads from just in front of the main gate of K.S.U.B. College, and make its way at the side of "BIDECA" Office as well as the beautiful sights of the "Bhanjanagar Reservior" and hill area. On the hill top, there is a sitting statue of 61 feet high "Lord Shiva" , which is the tallest Shiva statue of Odisha. And not only that, this statue is also the 6th tallest among the Shiva statues of India. Whereas it comes 8th among the Shiva statues worldwide. A 15 feet high "Nandi" Bulloch sitting before the Shiva statue and a 15 feet high "Sri Sri Chandra Sekhar temple" are the additional attractions of this places, besides that, the sceneries of the beautiful Bhanjanagar Reservior as well as the Park from the top of the hill is just enough to make one speech less for some moments. The holy environment of the place is simply unexplainable and one can only experience the fact when he/she will pay a visit to the hill top. The entire place was developed by all the members of "BIDECA", who have been sincerely and willfully donating their one day salary every month since past six years, for the construction and the development works at the hill top. 





Bhanjanagar Reservoir & Biju Patnaik Park : 
The beauty of the Century old huge "Bhanjanagar Reservoir" and the "Biju Patnaik Childrens' Park" at it's dam toe, are the most beautiful places to watch. In fact, it plays a vital role to change the reputation of Bhanjanagar from a cultural & heritage place to a "Must to visit" tourist place of Odisha, now days. The Park is having so many unique features which place it way ahead from other parks of Odisha. Along with the unique features like the musical fountain, the model zoo, the model station etc, what makes it so much unique and special, is it's entry fee. With a nominal entry fee just Rs. 4/- for elders and Rs. 2/- for children, undoubtedly it's the cheapest park of the world to enter in, with so much for the relax and entertainment of every age group. A huge area for Picnic Party outside the Park, with water supply and washing as well as toilet facilities, certainly adds more stars to it's rankings. This highly acclaimed Park normally opens for public from 3 P.M. to 7 P.M. every day except Monday.